RICO Fund Services

Fund Structuring

Our Fund Administration Services team is well versed in the administration of funds and the regulatory and operational requirements.

Fund administration services

Solution & assistance from Dubai or outside Dubai or any part of the globe.

Directorship services

Were we act as a Director to the Fund & the Investment Management Company.

Fund Performance & Reporting Services

We help our clients to monitor the performances of their investment made into companies and funds and we report to our clients & board them on time to time basis.

Escrow Services

We help our client to establish Escrow under Trust & retention Agreement and to protect the interest of our client.

Trustee Services

  • Through our network of international offices, RICO is able to provide corporates and high net-worth individuals with the establishment and administration of trusts in a number of onshore jurisdictions and international financial centers, including Barbados, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands.
  • We are also able to offer Swiss Trustee Services utilizing the appropriate trust jurisdiction’s law.
  • Foundation and administration of domestic and foreign companies
  • Retainers as supervisory board members

Global Custodian Services

We can become your trusted custodian for your global assets & instruments. We help our clients to mitigate risk associated with global asset holding & protection.