RICO Investment Services

General Investment

Helping and assisting the client to take right investment decisions in various countries and environment.

RICO Global Holding

Group of companies has diversified investment into the space of following areas.

  • Pharma & Healthcare
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • IT & Technology
  • Real Estates

Investment Asset Holding & Asset Protection

We help our client to build sustainable model for your global assets & instruments. We help our clients to mitigate risk associated with global asset holding & protection. A holding company for real estate offers numerous benefits, one of which is eliminating transfer tax on the real estate; transferring ownership of the holding company results in the transfer of the company's real estate as well. Another benefit is that the holding company can also secure the real estate assets of a business, protecting the equity from unanticipated litigation. This also offers more flexibility when the business is sold.

Holding Company

We insist & assist our client to create efficient corporate Holding structure for protection of interest, privacy and to mitigate associated risk. We help our client to build such holding structure and monitor.

Global IP Licensing

We help our client to create structure to protect the global Intellectual Property such as Brands & Patents and we help to create licensing model to protect from any risk.